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Dear Prospective Students:

Thank you for your interest in the Academy of Massage and Bodywork. We are pleased that you are considering a career in the growing field of massage therapy and skin care. The touch therapies profession in the United States is growing steadily. This is the result of wider public recognition and career change trends. A large number of individuals practice, massage and skin care, as a full or part-time profession.

A significant change in the demographics of American practitioners has begun to emerge due primarily to the financial viability of a career in massage and skin care. A clear majority of practitioners provide personal care services focusing on stress reduction, relaxation and preventive wellness techniques. About 15% of practitioners exclusively provide health care oriented services, generally working in clinic settings in conjunction withMassage School Delaware Maryland students success starts here medical doctors, chiropractors, or other providers.

Opportunities abound in the massage and the skin care field. Many practitioners have private practices based in an office, their homes, visiting client’s homes, or doing on-site chair massage at local businesses. Another segment of practitioners are finding employment in spas, athletic clubs, medical clinics, chiropractor’s offices or cruise ships. More and more beauty salons are capitalizing on the “day-spa” boom by adding massage therapists and aestheticians to their staff.

The training offered at the Academy of Massage and Bodywork meets or exceeds established national standards. Classes are designed for motivated individuals who are seeking a high-level, comprehensive education in the art and science of therapeutic massage and aesthetics leading to a successful professional practice. Instruction will emphasize knowledge in the human body, the understanding and competent application of a variety of massage techniques, holistic health principles and professionalism. We are particularly proud of the outstanding instruction provided by our diverse faculty. Each one of them will enrich your education with their technical approach, experience and unique perspective. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and our enthusiasm for the future of massage therapy and skin care with you.